After a 20-year track-record of helping local students graduate from high school, we have become Student Success Alliance, a local organization focused on the needs of Walton County.  Our vision is to involve the entire community in providing resources needed to improve the total quality of our children’s lives.  

Join the Honor Roll!  Your monthly gift will help us empower students to succeed in school and in life!

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With your support, we can reach more of the nearly 20 percent of our students in Walton County who may be at risk of dropping out and setting a pattern of failure in their lives.  

Student Success Alliance provides services to students efficiently and cost-effectively (average cost is $167 per student annually) thanks to the support of volunteers, donors and supporters across the community.. 

Approximately 97% of the young people we serve stay in school and remain on track to graduation. Give a tax-deductible gift today and make a lasting difference in the life of a child.

Contribute with confidence: Student Success Alliance is cost-effective and produces measurable outcomes. Our organization works inside schools with the endorsement of the Walton County and Social Circle Boards of Education, and is locally governed my community leaders you know and trust. 
Locally, CIS operates sites inside 12 schools.  Our sites are: 
  • Loganville High School
  • Monroe Area High School
  • Walnut Grove High School
  • Carver Middle School
  • Loganville Middle School
  • Youth Middle School
  • Harmony Elementary School
  • Monroe Elementary School
  • Walker Park Elementary School
  • Social Circle Elementary School
  • Social Circle Middle School
  • Social Circle High School
A site team including school administrators, counselors, business and community leaders and parents develops an annual site plan to meet the individual needs of each school.  A Success Coach inside each school coordinates a range of school-wide services and works one-on-one with selected students to remove non-academic barriers to success.

Our work does not go unnoticed.  Our organization has been recognized locally and nationally for its work to make Walton County a better community by helping students meet their potential. 

Why should you help? 

Until now, much of our local funding for has come from government sources and a few select grants.  Reliance on this type of funding has limited our ability to consistently work with students who need us most.  

Last year, 98 percent of our case-managed students in the nation stayed in school at an annual cost of only $167 for each student served.  By giving to Student Success Alliance, you will allow a child in our community currently in academic crisis to receive personal attention and support, mentoring, tutoring, assistance in social development, and leadership skills.  Student Success Alliance must succeed in raising funds from individual donations in order to expand and strengthen our work.  


Student Success Alliance helps connect students with the community resources they need so they can focus on doing well in school.  When students face issues like hunger, inadequate clothing and housing, unsafe environments, lack of motivation, lack of adult support and other personal issues, it is difficult for them to succeed in school.  SSA also focuses on preparation for the workforce with job shadowing, internships, career days, school programs, college admissions assistance and more.  Community service programs offered through SSA help students see themselves as having something to offer to the world.   Here are a few examples:
Backpack Buddies:  SSA partners with FISH to implement the Backpack Buddies program in schools who have high levels of poverty.  FISH volunteers prepare a packet of food that students who are at risk for hunger crisis can take home for the weekend. 

Clothing Assistance:  SSA helps connect students with resources for shoes, coats and basic clothing, as well as professional clothing for internships, interviews, and college visits. 

A Caring Adult:  SSA ensures that every child has access to the SSA Success Coach in each school we serve.  This person monitors student progress and connects students with resources they need within the school and in the community. 

Attendance Interventions:  Schools with high truancy face many problems in academic achievement and state and federal standards.  SSA supports schools with programs to promote attendance.

Student Motivation:  SSA has been very effective in bringing in guest speakers from the community to help motivate students to do their best, both at critical test times and throughout the school year. 

Workforce Skills:  SSA sponsors life skills and workforce prep programs offering business etiquette and networking training for students who are preparing to graduate and enter the workforce.  Through our partnership with the Development Authority of Walton County, we present Walton Works to all high schools, helping students prepare for the transition from high school to adulthood. 

With your help, Student Success Alliance unites the community in empowering students to succeed in school and in life. Please donate today!

Student Success Alliance
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