The Choice Bus

State Farm agents Chris Gallman, Patti Souther and Peyton Pettus sponsored The Choice Bus, a mobile exhibit encouraging students to stay in school, at Loganville High School, Monroe Area High School and Walnut Grove High School in October.

The exhibit, housed in a half school bus/half jail bus, features a movie theater where students could hear personal testimony from prison inmates who regretted their choice to drop out of school. Nationally, 7 out of every 10 high school drop outs spends time incarcerated.

At the end of the presentation, which included a discussion about setting goals and making positive choices, the theater was converted to reveal a full-size replica of a jail cell, allowing students to experience the stark reality of poor choices.

More than 1000 9th graders were able to experience The Choice Bus, and sign their pledges to stay in school