Community Leaders Chart a Course for Success

"He who fails to plan, plans to fail."
The old proverb reminds us that planning is a must, and CIS leaders took that reminder to heart at the CIS Strategic Planning Retreat on June 30.

Board members, site coordinators and school administrators took the day to chart the course for the success of Communities In Schools for the next three years.
Carver's new CIS Services Coordinator, Amy Hunnewell, leads a group working on
resource development (foreground) while board member Emily Russell
takes on the public relations team.  Other groups looked at organization
development, partnerships, site operations and youth programming.
The resulting 3-year strategic plan will guide the work of CIS through 2014, and calls for us to strengthen our brand and build community awareness, diversify our resources and meet organizational standards for national accreditation.  These efforts will form a stronger foundation to allow the organization to provide meaningful programming to help more students stay in school and achieve in life.

As part of the process, site coordinators gave updates on the activities in their schools during the last academic year.  Site coordinators and school officials agreed that CIS contributed positively to their schools and students, and recognized the need for growth to allow for expanded programming.  "It has really made a positive impact on our school," said Jodi Weber, principal at Social Circle Elementary School.  "Teachers now have a resource they can reach out to when students need extra help, especially with non-academic issues that we had been less equipped to address.  It has been wonderful."

Jimmy Hogg, incoming chairman of the board, said that he hoped the time spent together would strengthen our team and open better lines of communication between the board and the schools.  "It is great to have all of the players in the same room, focused on how we can make CIS a better resource for students,"  he said.