Welcome to Communities In Schools

CIS Executive Director
Angela Green Yarman
Welcome to our new website and thanks for stopping by!  We hope that you will subscribe to our blog and plug into all the great things that are happening in our local schools through CIS. You can click the link at the bottom of this article to receive updates by e-mail with all the news, volunteer opportunities and ways to get involved.

As the first semester comes to a close, we are proud of the work we have done together and thankful for your support.  Here's a quick run-down on our accomplishments over the last few months:
  • We successfully relocated the Performance Learning Center from the Bryant Road campus to the Red Hall at Monroe Area High School with a re-imagined program serving students from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m.  Our 50 students completed 196 credits this semester, and three are ready to graduate at mid-term. Amanda Townson, our PLC Site Coordinator began the Charting for Success program with the PLC students helping them set and monitor personal and academic goals.
  • Barbie Peeples-Golden, Site Coordinator at Carver Middle School, jumped right in during the first week of school, providing more than 60 students with school supplies through a partnership with FISH and the Governor's Office for Children and Families.  She is managing a caseload of 70 students, monitoring their attendance, discipline and achievement, and providing encouragement, support and community resources to help them overcome barriers to success.
  • The CIS Site at Walnut Grove High School was established with Michele Brignone as Site Coordinator.  Michele has established a site team for the school and has begun the needs assessment so that programs can be implemented next semester.
  • Our new site at Social Circle Elementary is taking off with Debra Rakestraw as Site Coordinator.  Debra is working to establish community partnerships for the school to support attendance, math and reading achievement and basic needs. 
  • Basic needs have been the focus of our attention at all sites this semester.  The economy has created a tremendous demand for crisis assistance, clothing and food.  Monroe Area High School, PLC, Walnut Grove High School, Carver Middle and Social Circle Elementary have all implemented the Backpack Buddies program through FISH, which provides those students most at risk for hunger crisis with a parcel of high protein, non-perishable food for the weekend.  More than 500 students are currently being served through this program weekly. 
  • The Walton Foundation provided a grant of $6000 to support site operations at Monroe High School, Walnut Grove High School and Carver Middle.  These funds will help CIS meet basic needs, provide attendance incentives, motivation programs, career exploration and more at these sites.
  • Our Board of Directors kicked off the Annual 5-Star Campaign to raise $10,000 or more to provide site resources and support the CIS local organization.  Our Chairman, Chuck Bagley has led the board to 100% personal giving to the campaign, and Campaign Chair Jimmy Parker and his volunteers will soon be asking for support from the community. 
Next semester, we'll be firing up our Workforce Prep and College & Career Exploration programs including Prepared and Polished Professional, job shadowing and career mentoring. We will need lots of volunteers, so let us keep you posted (subscribe now!).

All of us at Communities In Schools of Walton County wish you and your family a peaceful and joyous Christmas, happy holidays and a safe and happy new year!  Together, we can make 2011 the best year yet for CIS in Walton County and the students we serve!