Exploring Careers at SCES

More than 30 exhibitors representing local businesses and organizations set up booths to showcase their careers at the 3rd Annual CIS Career Day at Social Circle Elementary.
Everything from healthcare to law enforcement, veterinarians to saddle fitters, and computer technicians to power companies was on display for the third, fourth and fifth graders to explore.

"This is great!" said Nancy Bardy, owner of Harmony Saddle Fitting.  "I enjoy sharing my work with the kids and they live seeing the tools and materials."

Jennifer Broun, CIS Board Member and Community and Youth Specialist for Walton EMC said the event was an opportunity for students to learn more about how electricity gets to their homes.  "It is something they just don't think about, but it takes hundred of employees with many different careers to make it happen."

Students were encouraged to "dress for success" and enjoyed a great day interacting with adults from all over the community.  "This is a great way to meet one of our important CIS 5 Basics," said Executive Director Angela Yarman.  "One of the things we work to provide to all students in every school we serve is a marketable skill to use upon graduation. The earlier we can get students to begin thinking about what they want to do after they graduate, the more likely it becomes that students will stay in school in order to meet their career goals."

"It's never too early for them to see the kinds of real jobs people have in the community," said CIS Site Coordinator Debra Rakestraw.  "So many kids think they are going to be a music star or a professional athlete.  Some of them will, but most are going to need a more realistic view of the kinds of careers that most people have.  The Career Fair is one way we try to show them that these real careers are exciting and fun, too."