Walnut Grove HS Students Pledge Not to Text While Driving

Walnut Grove High School is at it again!  Last year the students participated in a "Don't Text & Drive" campaign.  Students & faculty pledged to stay safe while driving after attending an assembly educating them about Caleb's Law.  This law was signed here in Georgia after a teen driver, Caleb Sorohan, was killed while texting and driving.  This year, Walnut Grove students and faculty will have the opportunity once again to sign a pledge not to drive distracted.  AT&T is promoting a "No Text on Board - Pledge Day" on Wednesday, September 19th.  Ironically, that would have been Caleb Sorohan's 21st birthday. 
During lunches on Wednesday, Milisa Wise, the CIS Site Coordinator at Walnut Grove, will be presenting AT&T's "The Last Text" documentary.  Everyone will have the opportunity at that time to sign a pledge card that will be displayed in the halls of the school.  Texting Kills Awareness thumb rings will be given out to each person that pledges, courtesy of Peyton Pettus, State Farm Insurance Agent.  His agency provided 2 signs to Walnut Grove that were attached to the stop sign posts as drivers exit the school.  These signs remind drivers not to text while driving. 

This year, Walnut Grove is receiving 2 more signs, courtesy of MyParkingSign.com.  They are helping to spread the word about distracted driving to teen drivers through their sign donations to schools nationwide.  Mrs. Wise states, "I am so appreciative that we have businesses both locally and nationally that donate resources to our schools.  I look forward to talking to the students about the importance of driving without distractions.  While I know we can't eliminate texting and driving completely, I hope it reduces it significantly.  If nothing else, it will remind them of the danger it poses on our roads.  Then, hopefully the signs in the parking lot will serve as daily reminders." 
www.myparkingsign.com/no-texting-driving-school-campaign.aspx  - this link can be used by other schools to order their free signs.