Hard Work Brings Big Rewards

Students at Social Circle Elementary School learned a great lesson about hard work and perseverance this year by putting in the extra effort to meet all of their goals. Each student enrolled in the Communities In Schools program met with their CIS Site Coordinator, Ms. Rakestraw, to set certain goals to help them achieve more in school. Some wanted to improve their grades, while others wanted to improve their attendance or do a better job of following the rules and staying out of trouble.

Throughout the year, Ms. Rakestraw met with the students to see how much progress they were making, and along the way she helped them find resources and develop strategies to meet their goals. The students stuck with their plans and worked hard all year long. Grades, attendance and discipline improved.

So, just like in the grown-up world, the students who tried hard and met their goals were rewarded. Every student who made progress and stayed focused all year earned a trip the Zoo Atlanta and lunch in a restaurant.

The students may not realize that they got more than just a field trip, but we know that this experience has given them an important lesson they will carry with them the rest of their lives: Hard work pays off.

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