CIS Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

During the critical middle and high school years, educating students about the dangers of drug and alcohol use among teens is a key strategy in helping them have a healthy future and achieve their goals.   Even  in elementary school, kids need to know the basics of how to avoid becoming caught in the trap of addiction. 

That's why Communities In Schools holds a strong commitment to helping organize and implement Red Ribbon Week Activities across all seven of the schools we serve. 

In cooperation with The Partnership for Families Children and Youth, CIS provides important education material, programs and special events to help kids understand how drugs and alcohol negatively affect their health and can potentially steal their dreams of graduation and becoming successful adults. 

Partnership youth development staff on hand at
Walnut Grove High School to help students experience
 Fatal Vision goggles.
Site Coordinators at each school designed bulletin boards to help educate all students about the different kinds of drugs and how each one affects their brain development and their health.  Site coordinators also worked with the Partnership's youth development staff to hold events during lunch which included allowing students to try on Fatal Vision Goggles, which simulate the visual impairment of intoxication, so that students can see how alcohol affects their ability to drive and make decisions. 

CIS Drug and Alcohol Awareness Bulletin Board at Monroe Area High School
"Red Ribbon Week helps students learn the truth about drug and alcohol abuse," said Amy Hunnewell, Youth Development Coordinator for The Partnership and CIS Site Coordinator for Carver Middle School.  "Students often hear from negative voices who make drugs seem glamorous and exciting.  They need to know how destructive these habits really are."

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