Punctuality Pays at MAHS

As simple as it seems, showing up every day on time is a key factor of success.  Punctuality is an important workforce skill because employers know that missed time adds up to huge losses in productivity and profitability.  The same is true in high school:  when students miss school, they miss out on important instruction, study time and assignments which can seriously impact achievement. 

That's why Communities In Schools and the MAHS Attendance Committee have teamed up to offer Punctuality Pays, a quarterly incentive for students who consistently arrive on time for classes and those who are improving. 

Students who qualify  receive an invitation to spin the prize wheel during lunch and receive goodies like soft drinks, candy and chicken sandwiches.  

"The kids appreciate that we recognize them for doing the right thing," said CIS Site Coordinator Ivy Corder.  "They are so excited, you would think those Cokes were pure gold."

The incentive program is paying big rewards for the school.  Many students who are improving their attendance are also seeing marked improvement in grades.

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