Enduring Regret

Students at Walnut Grove High School heard first-hand how a terrible choice made in the heat of the moment can lead to a lifetime of regret.

Chris Sandy, a former prison inmate who was incarcerated after causing the death of two people in an automobile crash while he was driving under the influence of alcohol, spoke to WGHS students about how his decision to drive just a few miles down a back road impacted him and everyone around him.

"Students just don't ever think it could happen to them," said CIS Site Coordinator Milisa Wise, who organized the event.  "He came here to tell everyone that it can happen and it did happen to him."

"One minute he was a 22-year-old kid having fun with his friends, and the next minute, his life was changed forever by a choice he made,"  Wise said.   "Our students were really listening to him, and I hope they will learn from what he told them and not make the same mistake."

Read more about Chris Sandy and his story here.

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