Friends and Good Mannners

"Friends and good manners will carry you where money won't go."
- Margaret Walker, African-American Poet, 1915-1998 

CIS Site Coordinators Debra Rakestraw (SCES) and Ivy Corder (MAHS) know that brains and brawn will only take you so far in life.  Truly successful people are those who get along well with others, and that's why they emphasize good manners as part of our CIS 4th Basic: A Marketable Skill to Use Upon Graduation."

Students at Monroe Area High School were treated to an encore of last spring's very successful Dining Etiquette program, where students from the Athens Tech Culinary Arts program catered in a formal meal and students were instructed on table manners, conversation skills and networking.  "Today's fast-paced culture offers kids little opportunity to experience formal dining, and when they find themselves at an interview, lunch meeting or awards banquet, it can be intimidating," Corder said.  "We want our kids to have this experience so they can be confident in any setting."

Every student at Social Circle Elementary recently attended a Life Skills Seminar, where volunteers from the community came in to instruct them on everyday manners like covering a cough or sneeze, holding doors, talking on the phone, addressing adults with respect and not interrupting conversations. Boys were instructed on how to tie a tie, and girls were given tips on how to sit like a lady. "These skills are important and the sooner kids start to use them, the sooner they become natural to them,"  Rakestraw said.  "I'm so thankful to the volunteers who made it possible for us to have every student in the school participate." 

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