The Presence of Pizza Encourages the Presence of Students at Carver Middle School

Leaders at Carver Middle School know that good attendance helps lead to good grades, so improving attendance was one of the goals of the school this year.   

CIS Site Coordinator Barbie Peeples-Golden, along with school administrators and the CIS Site Team, came up with a plan to motivate students to attend daily, especially during the CRCT.  

"Our attendance last year for CRCT over the five days, we had an average of 10 students per day absent.  Our average over the five days this year was 5 students.   Several days we had as few as 2 out,"
 said Kay Pruitt, principal's secretary and a member of the CIS Site Team.  

What accounts for this 50% reduction in absences?  PIZZA! ...and a few other prizes.

Students line up to claim their reward for excellent attendance during the CRCT
The attendance promotion offered students a pizza party for every homeroom with perfect attendance for the week of testing.   Thirty one classes made it and received pizza from Papa John's, who provided it at a discounted price.

In addition, students were entered into drawings for iPods, Wal-Mart gift cards and other prizes based on their attendance.  In all, more than 87 prizes were donated to the school and given away to students. 

Encouraging good attendance is important, not only to meet standards, but also as a basis for learning.  It should go without saying that students who have good attendance do better in school.  Good attendance is also a workplace skill that, when developed early, will serve students well for the rest of their lives. 

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