It Pays to Be Good at Social Circle Elementary

Nearly three quarters of the students at Social Circle Elementary School quietly went about their business this year, doing their homework, raising their hands, walking in orderly lines.  For the most part, teachers had very little cause to correct them.  Little did they know that the end of the school year would bring a big pay-off for their good behavior.

Students check out an item up for bid
During one of the last weeks of school, more than 300 students were treated to the "It Pays to Be Good" Celebration, organized by the school's CIS Site Team.  Site Coordinator Debra Rakestraw and her committee gathered up door prizes that the students bought with behavior bucks, play money that was awarded according to the number of cuts (low-level discipline reprimands) that a student received over the whole school year.

Friends pitched in their play money
to help this lucky young lady bid
2000 bucks for a talking Justin Bieber doll.
During a live auction, students craftily pooled their money and divided the spoils.  One girl, known as the school's biggest Justin Bieber fan, received donations from her classmates hand-over-fist until she could make the winning bid of $2000 on a talking action figure of the pop star.  A group of students chipped in on a summer fun bag, then split its contents of flip-flops, pool goggles, sand toys and other goodies, while others walked away with basketballs, a slip'n'slide, and other fun items.

With their remaining funds, students could shop from a stand set up with dollar-store items including posters, toys, stickers, figurines and other items, plus snacks, drinks and admission to the inflatable water slide that was set up for the end of the afternoon.  Students enjoyed water fun on the slide plus a good shower from the top of the fire truck, which also came out to reward the kids.

Admission to the water slide...two bucks.
Being sprinkled by the
fire truck...priceless

"No one has ever done anything like this for us," said one 4th grade student.  "Thank you so much!"  

Debra Rakestraw, CIS Site Coordinator and organizer of the event, said that her first idea was to do something special for a handful of kids who had made good progress in turning around unacceptable behavior. But on second thought, she decided to reward all of the students who had done the right things all year.  "So many students do what they are supposed to do all the time, and they get nothing for it," she said.  We spend a lot of time correcting problems, and sometimes we just need to give credit for being good."

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