Social Circle Elementary Gears Up for CIS Health Fair

Students at Social Circle Elementary School soon will know exactly how they are doing, not just on academic assessments, but on health assessments, too!

The Communities In Schools Site Team at SCES, led by Site Coordinator Debra Rakestraw, is planning a Health Fair on April 27.  All students will progress through stations where they will have height, weight, blood pressure, dental, hearing and vision checks.  They will also receive instruction on proper hand-washing techniques, good nutrition and the importance of exercise.  The results will be marked on personalized folders that students can take home to parents along with information on normal ranges for each assessment and what to do if a child needs attention.

It's all part of the CIS 3rd Basic, A Healthy Start and A Healthy Future.  These assessments will help students, parents and school officials identify health needs that may be keeping students from doing their best in school, and connecting the students with community resources if needed.  In the long term, this can help students achieve their potential in elementary school, stay on track and graduate on time!

Many community partners have come to the table to help, including the Walmart Vision Center, Walton Regional Medical Center, the Walton County Extension Service and others.

Good health and good grades go hand in hand, and community support helps give students the healthy start they need and deserve!

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